Conditions for obtaining DDP diplomas


The double degree shall only be awarded after the student has completed the program by fulfilling the following requirements:
DD students from JGU and SGH:
- 1st year at JGU: the award of at least 60 ECTS credit points equivalent to the regulations constituted in this agreement,
- 2nd year at SGH: the award of at least 42 ECTS for the courses in the Management field of study or 45 ECTS for the courses in the Finance and Accounting field of study, equivalent to the regulations constituted in the Cooperation Agreement and completion of Master Thesis (25 ECTS) and Colloquium (5 ECTS) at JGU or Master Thesis at SGH (20 ECTS).

The double degree student shall be awarded both the academic degree of the home institution and the corresponding academic degree of the host institution. Upon completion of the double degree program requirements, the student shall receive: Diplomas of both universities, two grade transcripts and two diploma supplements.

Each institution shall issue only one diploma and corresponding transcripts of grades for the part of the double degree it is accountable for. The diploma supplement shall provide detailed information on the nature, regulations, grades and credit transfer mechanisms of the double degree program.