Application Procedure

Students who do not hold a bachelor-level degree from Germany

The following information gives only a brief overview of the process. Further information, as well as all required documents, are provided by the International Office – Incoming. If you have specific questions regarding the validation process, please contact the International Office by phone (Tel +49 6131 39-22525) or e-mail.

Step 1

Fill out an “Application for the recognition / validation of foreign certificates” and submit it to the International Office – Incoming at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. The form can be downloaded from the International Office’s own website. You should complete this form and send it off as soon as possible.

The validation certificate will be issued only after the processing fee has been transferred to the International Office’s bank account (checks, credit cards or banknotes will not be accepted). The account details can be found on page four of the form. Please note that all copies of documents must be officially certified and any copies which are not in either German, French or English must be submitted with a certified translation in either of these languages.

Once your information has been checked against the formal criteria for studying in Germany – this process should not take longer than 8 weeks – the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz’s International Office – Incoming will send you an official validation certificate.

Step 2

As soon as you have received your official validation certificate, you may apply online for the Master’s Program via the International Office.

After completing and submitting the online form, you will receive the completed application to print. You must then send this application to the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz by mail (to the address listed on the printout).

The application will only be processed when the online application has been completed, printed, signed and received by the Student Office or International Office with all required documents before the deadline (the application deadline for the upcoming winter semester 2019/20 is May 15, 2019).

If you need to apply for a visa you should fill in the “Confirmation of application” (twice) and submit it together with your application papers.

Please note that you do not need any proof of German language proficiency and that the additional documents listed under the Admission Requirements are required for the selection process undertaken by the faculty.

Students with a bachelor-level degree from Germany

If you received your bachelor-level degree from a German University you can skip step 1 and apply online for the Master’s Program via the Studierendensekretariat Mainz (student service). Please note that in addition to the official documents required by the Studierendensekretariat, you also have to submit the documents listed under Admission Requirements.

Once the selection process is completed, the university will inform you whether you have been accepted for the Master’s in International Economics and Public Policy.

If you encounter any problems regarding the application procedure, please contact the International Office – Incoming or the Studierendensekretariat.

Students who are/have been enrolled in a master’s program and who would like to switch to the MIEPP

If you are (or have been) enrolled in a master’s program, you will be assigned to a higher MIEPP semester, and some of your previous accomplishments will possibly be counted as part of the MIEPP.

Note, however, that admission to a higher semester is conditional on available capacity. For administrative reasons, the available capacity is only revealed at the start of the semester, and admission takes place on short notice.