What MIEPP Graduates Say

"The MIEPP program is a perfect combination of theoretical and practical knowledge that unleashes new science horizons and career opportunities. The MIEPP granted me great professors, structured study program and new friends. I had a chance to boost my career further in the healthcare sphere thanks to the program."
- Nurkyz Kadyrova, Summer Semester 2016
„The open-minded MIEPP-community with young talented economists from around the world and devoted professors was the perfect environment to pursue my interest in economics. So go for it and you surely won´t regret it.“
- Alexander Engelhart, Summer Semester 2019
“Studying in the MIEPP program meant for me to have both the freedom and opportunity to learn more about current economic and public policy issues while applying this knowledge in my early career in international development cooperation”
- Christian Dietz,
"The MIEPP program has been an incredible multicultural platform that enriched my mind. Thanks to the program, I've learned to understand better the opportunities and challenges faced by private and public decision-makers around the globe."
- Paola Suárez Buhrmann, Summer Semester 2016
"The Master’s Program in International Economics and Public Policy (MIEPP) puts a strong emphasis on economic theories and models, which has allowed me to strengthen my analytical skills. My focus was on International Trade and Statistics/Econometrics, but the program provides the opportunity to dive into other fields as well, and I am confident that I will benefit from what I’ve learned throughout my career."
- Lydia Haupt, Winter Semester 2019/20

“The core modules of the Master’s Program provided me with a sound understanding of the most important economic theories and methods, while the numerous elective modules allowed to target the course content to my personal interests and future career aspirations. The broad specialization possibilities within the elective modules combined with the intense core modules make the program a perfect baseline for a career in the public, private or academic sector.”
- Moritz Witzigmann, Winter Semester 2019/20

“MIEPP gave me unbiased and consistent knowledge of economics.”
- Avtandil Abashishvili, Summer Semester 2019
“Besides the academic and theoretical knowledge that the MIEPP courses taught me, what is very memorable about the MIEPP experience is the helpfulness and approachability of the faculty (Professors and Research & Teaching Assistants) and students. Some of my best memories are also about having fun and hanging out together with my fellow MIEPP coursemates, as well as having interesting visits to institutions such as the European Central Bank.“
- Yue Lin Toh, Summer Semester 2017
“The MIEPP-program with its complimentary pillars of research and practice has equipped me decisively for my career start working with the public sector. Especially, I have benefited from the high degree of internationality, which enabled me to engage and collaborate with inspiring peers from all over the world.”
- Julian Djabarian, Winter Semester 2018/19