Core Modules

Each module awards 6 ECTS and is only taught in the winter semester.

  • Research and Teaching
    • Studies and Research in Economics: introduces central tools and methods for conducting economic research as well as the specific infrastructure and organisation at JGU Mainz
    • Introductory Econometrics: basic and advanced methods of econometrics
    • Teaching of Tutorial: MIEPP students may teach tutorials for Bachelor students (only in German language) and then do not need to do Introductory Econometrics


  • International Trade: covers central methods and concepts of international trade theory like trade patterns, impact on factor outcomes, and trade policy


  • Development and Growth: covers central topics of international macroeconomics such as determinants of growth, institutions, and development


  • Principles of Public Economics: covers main concepts of public economics e.g. efficiency, market failures, equity and redistribution


  • Advanced Macroeconomics: covers basic and advanced concepts that are central to understanding macroeconomics issues, ranging from short-term economic fluctuations to long-term growth