DDP: Qualification

Candidates for the double degree program are to be selected by their home institution according to the selection criteria jointly defined and agreed upon by SGH and JGU. Due to the higher workload compared to the ordinary Masters study tracks at the partner institutions, only highly qualified students shall be selected for the double degree program. Each institution has the right to admit up to 5 students per year.
The double degree candidates must satisfy all admission requirements of the host institution, including language proficiency requirements and good knowledge on Bachelor level of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Statistics. All double degree candidates must provide evidence of a satisfactory level of language proficiency according to the requirements of the Common European Framework (CEF):

Students from SGH as their home institution, choosing the MIEPP program at JGU:
English B2 as documented by:
- a TOEFL test (with at least 227 CBT, 87 IBT, or 567 PBT), or
- IELTS with a minimum of 5 points, or, alternatively,
- acquiring the Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) if English is not the first language or the bachelor-level degree has not been achieved in a program taught entirely in English.
For TOEFL, IELTS or FCE, the issuing date of the certificate should not be older than 22 months, relative to the beginning of the studies at JGU (1st of October).

Students from JGU as their home institution choosing Management or Finance and Accounting at SGH:
English equivalent to B2 or a score of 87 points (or higher) in the internet based TOEFL test.

Each institution reserves the right to require candidates to complete the standard enrolment documents and to provide the results of any required entrance examinations. The host institution has the right to not accept a double degree candidate from the home institution for academic rationales or any other substantial reasons.