Tuition Fees

There are no tuition fees at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Students only have to pay an administrative fee for registration with university’s students service. Costs are around 300 Euros per semester at the moment. This registration entitles students to different Services. For example,  the administration fee of €322,18 in the summer semester 2020 are used for:

  • EUR 211.48 are charged for the semester ticket (you can use this ticket for public transportation in the Mainz and Wiesbaden city buses and light rail (MVG) as well as in the entire network of the Rhine-Main Transport Association (RMV) and the Rhein-Nahe-Nahverkehrsverbund (RNN) within the region)
  • EUR 94.00 goes to the Studentenwerk. The Studentenwerk maintains the canteen, cafeterias, dormitories and various social counselling and assistance services.
  • EUR 13.10 are charged to financially support the activities of the Student Union.
  • EUR 1.60 are awarded to the Student Sports Committee to offer additional sports activities.
  • EUR 2.00 go to the Student Aid Fund. The AStA (General Students' Committee) uses these funds to provide assistance to students in need in case of emergency.

Furthermore, the owner of a student ticket gets several discounts at places of interest in all of Germany.

Note that if you have already acquired a master’s degree, the state of Rhineland Palatinate may charge an additional tuition fee. The exact size of this fee may vary over time. See this site for more information: